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Moon Intern is a serialized side-scrolling action RPG about Love, Action and Exploration. Our story is presented in a way unlike most video games, and more like comic books and tv shows. You’re an Intern on the Moon, where life is as busy as it is dangerous. Deliver packages, fix machines, fight evil and pay the rent while keeping your soul mate happy.

Depending on how you play Moon Intern, the story will adjust itself accordingly to your style. If you prefer action, the Intern will be assigned to tag along with an Action Squad. Players focused more on solving puzzles will find themselves in a story where they find themselves tagging along with a Tech Squad, solving puzzles to accomplish tasks instead of using brute force. Players who are ultra skilled in puzzles and combat will find themselves on a very difficult story path for pros only. These story paths are dynamic in the way you transfer between them.

Moon Intern is currently in development. Our team at Cosmosaur launched a successful KickStarter campaign that helped us raise over $43,000. We plan to launch the game for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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