Game Design, User Interface
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RESTINCT is a 2D/3D puzzle adventure game made in Unity by a team of indie developers. The game is an exploration of character development interpreted by gameplay. It is a game that deals with consciousness, and the restraints and effects it has on its host’s more instinctive natures.

In RESTINCT, you play as Norbort, a new member of the CTR awareness agency, who is in charge of the subject cases. There are 4 test subjects: Adam, Mary, Solomon, and Mash, each with their own game that reflects their respective personalities.

From September 8th 2011 to October 27 2011, we ran the RESTINCT Open Development Case Studies exhibition at Columbia College’s IAM Department Project Room. We lined computers at the sides of room where people could come in and playtest while we held live workshops at the front of the room. We placed journals in front of each playtesting station where people could write down their thoughts on the games, providing us with valuable feedback to help better the game.

  • Adam's Game

  • Mary's Game

  • Solomon's Game