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Water Aloft the Ridge is a disturbingly elegant 3D Puzzle/Adventure game developed by the 2011-2012 Columbia College Chicago Senior Class. The project lasted for one class year and involved a well managed development cycle that included time sheets, bug database, versioning control, 3D paper prototyping, QA cycle, voice casting sessions, documentation for all gameplay, art, programming, and sound designs, etc.

Water Aloft the Ridge follows a family as they embark on a spiritual journey up mysterious ridge in an attempt to gain closure on the passing of a loved one. Each member faces various challenges that they must overcome in order to continue their journey up the ridge.

As a player of Water Aloft the Ridge, you experience the game as 3 different characters during different times of the day. Each family member traverses through unique puzzles that must be completed in order to continue up the ridge. Each subsequent play-through gives the player rich and intriguing narrative that explains each family member’s personal relationship to their lost loved one.

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